The tenor recorder

tenor ganz

Its Characteristics:

This tenor recorder was designed following the research on alto recorders and lower instruments made by P.I.Bressan. Its tone is colourful and warm - this instrument with its keyless construction combines a extraordinary expressive low register with a very well balanced and easy response,


tenor seite

Keyless construction - incombination with its really short measure it is very well suitable also for players with smaller hands.

A finely crafted narrow windway just as in the original instruments. This results in a soft but brilliant sound with great dynamic flexibility.

Undercut fingerholes over the entire instrument. This ensures good tuning throughout all registers as well as stable intonation when there is a change in breath pressure.




The facts:

  • Keyless construction
  • Tuned to A 442 Hz
  • vailable in Brasilian Boxwood or Grenadilla
  • Corked joints
  • Range from c’  to d’’’ (with standard fingerings up to g'’’)
  • Baroque fingering with double holes
  • Supplied in a lined case including cleaning rod and joint grease.
  • 3 year warranty





Brazilean boxwood..........€ 1.430.-

(recommended retail price incl. 19% VAT)

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